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With hundreds of crowdfunding platforms online, it\'s hard to know which to choose. Do you...

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What do people who\'ve actually purchased and used your product or service think about it?...

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“As a venture capitalist, I am impressed with the Satrangi Capital as they list only the...

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“We were looking for quality investors to get robust support for our campaign. We joined...

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“Satrangi Capital is really a feasible platform for crowdfunding. It enabled us to conne...

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Why us

We Enable People To Get Connected To Each Other And Achieve Their Goals. We Have A Quality Experience And Knowledge In The Area Of Crowdfunding And Venture Capital That Inspired Us To Build This Platform To Support Individuals And Business To Bring Their Ideas Into Reality.


It Is Highly Secure With Us To Make Investment In Startups And Early Stage Businesses. We Ensure The Safety Of Your Money By Taking All The Essential Measures Involve In This Business.


We Select Only The Finest, Safest And Secure Investment Opportunities To List On Our Site. We Make Sure Our Investors Meet With Great Investment Opportunities That Will Add Value To Their Investment.

Due Diligence

We Feature The Startups Which Are Pre-vetted. We Conduct Comprehensive Due Diligence On Startups And Early Stage Businesses, If Approved, Then We Help Them Raise Funds For Their Projects Or Ideas.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Help Our End-users By Answering Their Queries. We Have Experts From Every Essential Domain Who Solve Every Query Of Our End-users.


We Offer Crowdfunding Investment Opportunity For All Types Of Investors. We Accept Accredited As Well As Non-accredited Investors.